When I began to learn the extraordinary art of watercolour I heard from some that it is the most difficult medium to control. I heard you cannot usually remedy mistakes, that the paper must always be your white, that the paper must always be stretched and that the brushes must be kolinsky sable.
Thankfully I learnt through time that none of these things are true. Watercolour is the most exciting and immediate of mediums and the accidental splodges, drips and runs only add to my enjoyment. I use whatever I need to create the result I’m after, whether it is to paint on linen, to add gouache or pastels or to scratch out with a knife or run the whole piece under a tap.
For me, watercolour is the most adaptable and exciting of mediums allowing the subject to glow through the transparent pigments. It is without doubt a unique and special medium which is happiest not being controlled, but gently persuaded instead.

Buttercups in Warmington - Watercolour
Cherish - Watercolour
Snowbound - Watercolour
Sparkling Bluebells - Watercolour
Sunlit Bluebell Glade - Watercolour
Warmington Hill in Summer - Watercolour
White Daisies with Apples and Plums - Watercolour
Scarlet Field of Poppies - Watercolour
Tansor Wold - Watercolour
Lavender - Watercolour
Modena Italy - Watercolour
White Geese - Watercolour
Boxing Hares - Watercolour
Thurning Poplars - Watercolour
Rutland Sheep - Watercolour