About Me


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 Since 2005 I have been painting in an impressionist style, landscapes, waterscapes, gardens & rural scenes. I use the beautiful surroundings of my garden studio, in a little corner of East Northamptonshire as my inspiration. Areas of outstanding natural beauty are on my doorstep,including Rutland Water, the Cambridgeshire Fens, and the Norfolk coast. I also paint in Portugal, particularly the dramatic coastline,aquamarine seascapes & dappled the sunshine filled citrus & olive groves.


My artistic journey:

1970 's  Art College : Graphic art and design 

1978 - 2005  Calligraphy with illustration

2005 - present & continuing : Impressionist paintings 




I use each of these mediums according to the subject, my mood or the location.

Using  pastels 'plein air' is a wonderfully direct way to paint, especially on a windy day!



Joyful painting


My return to painting and big brush work after years of detail has been such joy, however moments when I place the last flicks of colour or the final highlight in (hopefully) just the right place, is when...

I still hold my breath.


Pink Sky Over Pilton

 Pink Sky Over Pilton