Debbie James About Me

 I like to paint Landscapes, Seascapes, Rivers & Lakes. 

There are many areas of outstanding natural beauty on my doorstep, including the county of Rutland, the Cambridgeshire Fens & the wonderful wild and windy Norfolk and Suffolk coastlines.

Cornwall, the Gower peninsular and Jersey have featured in my recent work.

I also paint Portugal's beautiful Algarve coastline with its variety of flora and fauna and turquoise sea.



A Little bit more about me

  • 1975-78  Swansea college of Art : Graphic art and design  

  • 1978 - 2005  Graphic Design, Calligraphy with illustration

  • 2005 - Current & continuing : Impressionist paintings sometimes including calligraphic marks and Lettering. 



I use each of these mediums according to the subject, my mood or the location.

Using  pastels 'Plein Air' is a wonderfully direct way to paint, especially on a windy day!